LenFam Financial Services Limited has been around since 2010 with very experienced principals in not just credit but also collections, this has been proven with our low delinquency rate which makes LenFam a great and low risk equity partnership opportunity.
Recognised as a strong competitor in the micro financing sector, providing exceptional service to our client base.

This firm is very much snapping at the heels of the larger players in the market. In order to bulk up our existing capabilities, this firm is now seeking to bring in equity partner(s) who are professional, tenacious and goal oriented with a passion for continued and diverse with creation whilst positively impacting our economy.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to earn a stupendous return whilst increasing the outreach to our existing and potential customers. Please contact us at pep@lenfamfinance.com or lenfam.fsltd@gmail.com with a proposal and a synopsis of your background..

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